Duke Cancer Institute

The Duke Cancer Fund.

It’s about time.

We’ve discovered an exceedingly powerful weapon in the war on cancer. It is called impatience.

This impatience is not a me-first pushiness. Not a rash impulsiveness. Not the need for instant gratification. In fact, it’s not about self-seeking at all. This is impatience unlike any other.

We are the researchers, doctors, and caregivers of the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center. Our impatience is born of knowing that the best care on earth is not a substitute for the one thing our patients need most from us—the cure for cancer.

The cure for cancer. It’s a phrase heard so often it dulls the incredible truth: this is a realizable goal.

Our impatience is born of seeing precious time slip away from patients while exciting discoveries wait for funding … promising compounds wait for testing … new drugs wait for approval.

The patient’s cancer does not wait.

Neither can we. Our answer is the Duke Cancer Fund. You might call it our ‘impatience fund.’ When you give to this fund, you provide us with resources we can apply quickly and dramatically to fund out most important work:

  • removing regulatory roadblocks between novel therapies and patients.
  • funding frontier research and innovative treatments.
  • enabling leading-edge cancer surgeries and procedures.
  • attracting and energizing the brightest young researchers.

Best of all, your donation will foster working partnerships between our patients and our scientists, pushing back the frontiers of cancer research while giving patients the gift of another cherished month, another treasured season, another priceless year.

You’ll find remarkable stories everywhere you look at the DCCC. As you read about these ground-breaking discoveries, innovative treatments and courageous lives, don’t be surprised if you feel a restless energy and a rising determination.

That would be your impatience. Expressed as swift and decisive action, it could well help turn the tide of this long war.

All of us at the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center earnestly invite you to consider a philanthropic partnership with us.

We excitedly—and impatiently—await your answer.

The cure is within reach, but we need your help.

Make a difference.
Make a donation.

It's about time.

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